Konstantin Bas, Business Development – Tips for Success

Konstantin Bas is a construction management professional and a certified Business Developer with decades of experience. Business development, or biz dev, is an oft-misunderstood field to those outside of it, but to those in the profession, it is but another skill to be mastered.

If you’re new to business development, and you would like to achieve success comparable to Konstantin Bas’s position as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) within a England company, applying tips like those below can help you go far:

Hire Strategically – Hiring the right people at the right times is integral for business success. Bringing on an outstanding professional too early in the company’s timeline, for example, can be disastrous. Before hiring anyone, consider all factors to ensure that the professional is a good strategic fit.

Differentiate Between Sales and Development – Sales focuses on driving business revenue while development focuses on creating partnerships and networks that allow the organization to leverage for revenue. Failing to differentiate can cause strategic breakdown.

Strategize for Post-Deal – After the completion of a deal, the account manager typically changes away from the business developer. Strategizing for the best post-deal management allows the business manager to locate the best professional for the job.

Quantity versus Quality – Quality over quantity is a well-known, oft-followed adage, but it doesn’t apply to all situations. For example, in business management, quantitative value is often more appealing to the market.

Consider seeking a mentor with experience and success similar to Konstantin Bas’s if you would like to further your abilities as a business development specialist. Such relationships can help you hone your skills in a shorter period of time.


Konstantin Bas – Construction Management Tips

Konstantin Bas has worked in construction management since obtaining his college degree in the field over two decades ago. He steadily moved through the profession until, in 2007, he earned his present position of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) within a England construction management company. For many such professionals, Bas has achieved idealistic success.

If you hope to move to the level of construction management professionals like Konstantin Bas, you must employ positive practices whenever you are on the job. For example, diligent construction managers often…

  • Make Detailed System Drawings – Construction managers often fail to make detailed system drawings because they already have working drawings of the project. Most working drawings, however, do not provide detailed information on the various required systems that electricians and foremen work with. This creates more guesswork and room for error than necessary.
  • Front Load – Front loading is a method used by seasoned construction managers to compensate for retainage clauses. This approach involves preparing the project breakdown with items needed for the early stages clearly identified. Managers then increase the cost of early items slightly and decrease the cost of later items, resulting in an improved cash flow at no extra cost to the client.
  • Knock Off Inexpensive Items Early – Simple, inexpensive items can hold up a project if they’re saved until the end. When you see an oddball item on a project, such as a special-order device plate, address it early so that delayed shipments and other unforeseen issues do not postpone completion.

As you gain experience as a construction manager, you will learn personal methods that work well, as do seasoned pros like Konstantin Bas. Typically, general practices like those above will positively impact your career as well.