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Konstantin Bas – Tips for New Managers

Konstantin Bas is a seasoned business management professional who presently works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a construction management company in England. He has decades of experience in his respective fields and he has learned much about successful management. Often, Bas helps others by sharing his knowledge through mentor/mentee relationships.

When aspiring managers turn to a seasoned professional like Konstantin Bas for assistance, they might receive advice like that below to begin improving their skills:

  • Understand Before You Manage – Before you can manage any business, you must take time to understand it. Know how the business functions, how it began, how the brand is defined and how it communicates with customers. Furthermore, you must understand all individual projects before managing them. Lack of understanding hinders effective management.
  • Create and Follow Timelines – Time management and business management are not the same, but the former relies on the latter. Create timelines to keep all managed projects on track and ensure that all involved parties follow them. Though timelines often require regular revision, they guide projects in the right directions.
  • Practice Active Listening – Active listening ensures that you understand what you are being told and it shows others that you are interested in what they are saying. To listen actively, ask questions, provide feedback, give the speaker your undivided attention and show that you are listening through body language.

If you’d like to find a mentor similar to Konstantin Bas so that you can further improve your management skills, contact respected professionals in your area with requests. Alternately, attend related conferences or reach out to peers at your present place of work.